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AI creates a custom plan and financials

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Financials Forecast

Get cutting edge insights to your industry including key trends and market size.

Proprietary research on your industry including trends, customers, and market size. See your position and find opportunities.

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Real-time insights across global markets. AI monitors all public companies.


Forecasts tailored to economic shifts. Indicators navigate impacts.


Forecast any sector using key metrics.

Market Research

Get cutting edge insights to your industry including key trends and market size.

Proprietary research on your industry including trends, customers, and market size. See your position and find opportunities.

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Data-driven market insights, thousands of industries.


Macroeconomic insights across 150+ countries.


Localized data reveals US market trends.


Industry-specific AI continually learns emerging technologies and trends.


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Powered by experience advising 3,600+ clients, your AI Business Advisor provides tailored recommendations and guidance.

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Save time, grow faster:
Generate a tailored business plan in days. Our AI provides strategic recommendations based on insights from advising 3,600+ clients.

Data-driven growth:
Determine key opportunities and risks with proprietary data integrated into your plan. We provide guidance based on your company's objectives and needs.

Strategize without guessing:
ProAI helps you evaluate new markets, products and revenue streams. We ensure you achieve critical milestones to maximize your potential.

Compelling roadmap:
Analyzing your business and industry trends, our AI helps craft a comprehensive plan to start, grow and fund your vision. We provide an integrated solution to accelerate your success.


The business plan tool is an AI-powered solution that generates customized business plans based on your company's strategic goals and objectives. The business plans provide guidance for growth and funding.
You provide details about your business including products/services, customers, team, and key metrics. Our AI analyzes this information along with market data to craft a tailored business plan with guidance on strategies, funding, product development, marketing, partnerships, and more. You review and approve the draft plan or request changes.
The business plans provide an overview of your company and market, specifically your value proposition, target customers, product roadmap, operational model, organizational structure, marketing and sales plans. They also include 3-year financial projections, KPIs, opportunities, risks, and strategic priorities.
You will have an initial draft business plan within days of providing details about your company. The total time will vary depending on the depth and level of customization required, but our goal is to deliver a polished plan ready for your needs as quickly as possible.
The content and recommendations in the business plan are tailored based on your company's industry, business model, current stage of growth, strategic goals, and factors impacting your success. The level of detail provided is determined by how you intend to use the business plan.
You should update your business plan at least annually to reflect changes to your strategy, market, customers, team, and financials. Our AI will analyze trends in your metrics and performance to determine when an updated plan could benefit your company and suggest priorities to address. You can also request a plan refresh or update at any time.
You have access to our AI chatbot for any questions about using the business plan tool or implementing plan recommendations. You can also schedule calls with our industry experts to receive strategic advice and feedback on your business plan and company growth strategy.
The business plan tool is available as part of your ProAI subscription starting at $199/month. Discounts are available for annual billing.
Rather than generating a static business plan, ProAI provides strategic recommendations and roadmapping tailored to your company's needs which are constantly monitored and refined. Our AI-powered insights are highly customized based on details about your specific business and an analysis of thousands of companies across industries. ProAI offers an integrated solution to start, grow and fund your business versus a single use tool.